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Edited version of the Calendar-plugin


It is generally a bad idea to hack a plugin and add your own functionallity to it. The reason behind this is because you will not be able to benefit from updated version from the original creator. So... my advice it to not use this version. OK?

Still reading? Well, We needed a calendar for a site, and thought that Kierans was great. However, after a while the client wanted new functionality, and it would be to quite a lot of work to move all the events added, so, enter the hack...

We needed the ability to display different information on different categories, so we made an fix for that. Usage;

Add {CALENDAR 3,5,7} where 3,5 and 7 are the categories you would lika to display. The original usage {CALENDAR} still works as before (it displays all categories).

What has been changed? I made 2 changes.

  1. calendar_insert is the function that finds {CALENDAR} - it generates an SQL-filter from the ID-s added.
  2. This filter is then added to all SQL-queries in function grab_events (this is the function thats find all events)

I still think you should wait for Kierans new version, but made this available as it seemed to be some demand for it.


Rickard Stjernqvist